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Step 1. Submitting a Manuscript

Submit your manuscript online with Manuscript FastTrack at this link


Papers reporting original research conducted on aquatic mammals will be considered for publication by the editors, editorial board, and appropriate reviewers based on scientific merit. Papers should not be concurrently submitted to another journal nor previously published, either wholly or in part. Each manuscript will be reviewed by two external reviewers and one journal co-editor. If there is disagreement between reviewers, the manuscript will be submitted to a third external reviewer.

Types of Contributions

Aquatic Mammals accepts contributions formatted as full Research Articles, Short Notes, Reports, and Letters to the Editor. Please consult the journal's Author Formatting Guidelines when formatting your submission. Research Articles should discuss novel and important findings in the study of aquatic mammals, demonstrate sufficient methodological rigor, and provide a discussion/conclusion that is both important and justified given the results of the study. Short Notes may include experimental results or observations involving scientifically valid methods for which small sample sizes or limited results do not allow for sufficient elaboration to constitute a Research Article. Reports include results compiled from conferences or other workshops, meetings, etc. Letters to the Editor may include important announcements or comments on topics relevant to the scientific study of aquatic mammals or constructive comments related to previous contributions to Aquatic Mammals. Reviews will also be considered, but please contact the Managing Editor before submitting a review paper.

Consultation with the Managing Editor at an early stage of manuscript preparation is advisable when

Before submitting,

All submissions should contain the following:

To submit,

Authors will be able to view reviewers' and the editor's comments on their manuscript by logging in to their account on the Manuscript Fast Track system. All necessary documents (e.g., format-checked versions of the manuscript and edited versions of the manuscript) will be viewable to the author via the system, or sent to the author from their editor via e-mail.

Remember - you must include the email addresses for your co-authors and are also requested to suggest 1-3 potential reviewer names with their email contacts.


Step 2: Revising a Manuscript

When a manuscript is accepted after peer review, detailed revision requests will be sent to a corresponding author by the editor via e-mail through the Manuscript Fast Track system. You may be asked to incorporate changes and edits, and address questions and concerns indicated by the reviewer(s). The editor will advise as to which documents on Manuscript Fast Track need to be consulted or will send you revision instructions directly via email. Please incorporate all changes indicated by the editor and reviewer(s). If you disagree with changes suggested by the editor or the reviewer(s), please detail your reasoning in a separate cover letter.

Changes may be made directly to a Microsoft Word version of the manuscript once a reviewed manuscript has been accepted for publication. A separate document detailing the author(s)' responses to all reviewer comments should also be created. After making the necessary revisions, the revised manuscript should be sent directly to the specific co-editor via e-mail. In the event that you are unable to edit a Microsoft Word version of the manuscript, summarize changes to the manuscript by page, paragraph number, and line number and send to the co-editor by e-mail.

Accepted Manuscript Revision Return Deadline
Once a manuscript has been peer-reviewed and accepted (with minor or major revision) for publication in Aquatic Mammals, the revised manuscript and response to reviewer comments files are required to be returned no later than three (3) months from the acceptance date. Authors are responsible to coordinate the return of their revised manuscript and response to reviewer comments files by e-mail with their journal co-editor. Failure to meet this three-month return deadline could necessitate a full resubmission of the manuscript as a new document, which will include subsequent new peer-review.


Step 3: Manuscript Publication

Once your revised manuscript is approved, it will be sent to our copy editor and layout designer for formatting/copy editing. You will be notified by the Assistant Editor when your manuscript is forwarded to our copy editing/layout team. At this point, you may be asked to submit separate high-resolution files of tables/figures to facilitate the formatting process.

Shanee Sullivan will format the text and layout of figures and tables. Sandy Larimer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) will copy edit the formatted article and coordinate with the journal's assistant editor to send to you any questions she has and a galley proof via e-mail.

Once formatted, you will be emailed a PDF of the galley proof. Please quickly review, respond to any questions from the copyedit team, and summarize any minor additional edits or changes in an e-mail. You can list edits in the e-mail body, in a new Word document, or directly on the PDF via comments.

You will be able to review the revised galley proofs as many times as needed, assuming the edits are minor in nature. Any significant changes requested to the text, layout, tables, or figures at this stage will be charged a minimum fee of $55 per hour of time expended. Thus, we encourage authors to make any significant changes to their manuscript prior to submitting your revised manuscript to the editors.

If you have a short video-clip associated with your manuscript, we have the ability to place this on the Aquatic Mammals website at no charge. Please notify your co-editor of the video-clip(s) when sending your revised manuscript.
Authors will receive an ADA accessible PDF of their published article for their free use in creating reprints. Reprints of whole issues or PDF files of an issue are available as additional purchases. Contact the Managing Editor for a quote.

Page Fee Details
If your manuscript is accepted for publication in Aquatic Mammals, please be aware of the following page charges and publication fees:

Hybrid Open Access Option

Manuscripts are reviewed and accepted prior to soliciting page charges and publication fees. Upon acceptance of the manuscript and approval of the galley proof, an invoice for the relevant fees will be sent to the first author or designated individual/entity. If you have any questions or concerns about these charges and fees, please contact the Managing Editor, Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), for more details. If you have a particularly good photograph that could be used on the cover of the issue, your publication charges might be reduced. Consideration of cover art is on a first-come basis.

Copyright: Upon publication, the copyright passes to the journal. Permission must be obtained from the Managing Editor to reprint an article or a part of an article published in Aquatic Mammals.

Send correspondence to:
Dr. Kathleen M. Dudzinski

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